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Are you looking for proven methods to relieve your pain and stress?

I have been virtually pain-free after back surgery for 38 years and had a successful recovery from a car accident when I was 23. My medical doctor was amazed at how quickly I recovered because the whiplash I suffered was gone "ahead of schedule!"

You are invited to learn and experience techniques and a system that I have used and shared with great success so you too can be in control of your pain, have more energy, recover faster from acute injuries and live life to the fullest.


My goal for you is to be able to say, 

“Pain, fatigue and stress are no-longer my captor, I am Free to be ME!"


More About Your Coach


Heather Phillips

With her Honours Bachelor of Physical Education degree, Heather Phillips, completed her thesis about Energy Balancing and how it positively affects muscles. She is a course creator, author, speaker, mentor, international recording artist, Director & Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. and on the Global Team as the Canadian Ambassador for Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She calls herself an Energy Movement Mentor, Holistic Pain Relief Expert and Muscle Tuner® Specialist and is a proud Touch for Health® Instructor. She is passionate about Energy Self-Care and empowers people to do self-testing and learn simple strategies to Win the Pain Game. 



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